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I like you a Latte☕

Living and working in the small town of Caledon Ontario, I'm always on the lookout for the best coffee shops around. Sometimes it’s a quick stop to recharge between meetings or spending hours there and take it over as my office for the day! Either way I am a coffee lover and want to share to you, my lovely readers, my top favourite shops around!


Erin, ON

The cutest coffee shop around, located in the tiny town of Erin, Ontario, I give you Tin Roof Café. Its been a family owned & operated shop since 2015 with the best tasty treats Erin has to offer.

Locally roasted coffee along with a large variety of cookies, squares, croissants and tasty sandwiches are just some of the amazing items they have to offer.

Coming right from the owners themselves "We put our hearts into our baking and only use high quality, wholesome ingredients like unbleached wheat flour, whole grain flours, real butter, local maple syrup and a number of gluten-friendly alternatives like coconut, oat, brown rice and almond flour."

The modern - country vibe that the Tin Roof Café has is exactly what the small town needs. The overall modern, clean line feel is great for clearing the mind and shooting off a few emails!

Belfountain, ON

Higher Ground Café, nestled in the Niagara Escarpment and Forks of the Credit Park, is the perfect pit stop. With a variety of seating options and of course, the best London fogs around!

They have a large variety of foods including Breakfast, lunch, home-baked goodies & ice cream (weather permitting). They also have a large variety of locally roasted, organic fair trade coffee, premium organic loose leaf tea, hot & cold drinks

Their rustic esthetic and super cozy and the perfect spot to whip out the laptop and get some designing done.

Inglewood, ON

Coywolf Coffee is a very recent addition to the Caledon community but had my heart from the start! Opened June 2021, what was known as the Inglewood General Store got a face lift and became Coywolf Coffee.

Apple fritters, sausage rolls, sandwiches, iced & hot drinks are just some of the amazing items on their menu.

The perfect spot for a quiet area to work or read a book. It has a great aesthetic and the girls are absolutely lovely, oh and did I mention the best coffee?

Caledon, ON

Butter and Cup, Located in the subdivision of South Fields in Caledon, ON, is a great pit stop for your favourite coffee and baked goods! They have amazing sandwich options, a large variety of coffee's and teas as well as some fantastic bakery options.

Their penny tile countertop is my absolute favourite thing about this place! It gives it a difference edge to it but is still a classic look.

Orangeville, ON

Last but finally not least, Greystone Café in Orangeville, ON. I have recently just discovered this place and I am so happy I have. This place screams Lillian Blair Interiors. The exposed beams and white paneling is to die for. Designed by Solid Design, It was a garden inspired café to expand from Greystones restaurant. Opened March 2021, in the middle of a world pandemic, Greystones café was born.

The displays of sandwiches & baked goods is extremely easy to read, and being a designer, making the functionality of a space & displays is essential.


Each of the cafe's listed above are different in their own unique ways. From their food & drink menus to their beautifully designed interiors, I love each and every single one. Staying local has always been something I try and do, especially now since the pandemic. Let me know what you think about these café in the comments, or if you have any other suggestions of little shops, let me know!

Until next time lovelies ♡

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