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Elevating your outdoor space

As we are approaching the warmer weather and spending a lot more extra time at home, we are so ready to bring the inside out and enjoy some sunshine! I know that living in Canada we really only get about 3-4 months of decent outdoor weather, so we definitely have to make the most of it!

Sometimes we are revamping what is existing or we are starting from scratch, either way the steps and tips below will help you and direct you to an outdoor space you will never want to leave.

It's An Extension From Inside, So Treat It Like That

Your outdoor space should feel like an extension from your home. Dining table, lounge area, living room, they are all spaces we bring outside!

Incorporating some of the same elements that we use inside we can bring those same elements outdoors! Things like rugs, textiles and furniture placement.

Using an indoor/outdoor rug will really help ground the furniture, much like we do inside. As you can see in the photo above, this beautiful rug placed by Studio McGee It truly grounds the space and brings in some colour/pattern

Sizing rules for outdoor still apply. The rule of thumb is that the rug should be large enough for all of the FRONT LEGS to land on the rug.

Adding in some textiles can allow for dimension, like how we do indoors. Paying attention to pattern, colour & size are all extremely important. You want to have a space that is fun and playful but not looking like a kids playhouse either. Adding in a throw blanket can really warm the space up but is also useful for those chilly nights.

Keeping with your interior style, make sure that the outdoor furniture pieces are speaking the same language as the pieces inside. If you have a very modern interior with clean lines you want to stick in that same style outdoors.

Seen above, you can tell that these style are working well each other and are speaking the same language. You don't need them to match but work together.

Now, with that in mind, here's a little tip. When I design spaces inside, matching living room sets (or any sets) are a big no no…however, in your outdoor space, I am allowing you to do so. That's right everyone, a matching set for your outdoor furniture is OKAY! In doing this, it makes the lounge set up look a lot more seamless and put together.

Remember though, you can still do different set's around your yard (ie, a larger dining set, a lounge area, a bistro set, etc) They all don't have to be from the same line or brand, but should work well together.

Its Outdoors, But Remember To Add Greenery

Yes we are outside and yes there is greenery all around us BUT (big but here) you need to make sure you are adding in POTTED greenery. Adding in some large concrete planters and some potted flowers really makes it feel like an extension from indoors. It also allows the outdoor living to truly blend with nature.

Love Grows Wild shows us above that adding in some potted greenery finishes off the outdoor space. We usually bring the outside in but this time we are bringing the outside outside.

Using nature inspired planters and pots like concrete and wood also takes your space from feeling too cookie cutter. Again, allows for blending.

It's All In The Details

Finishing off the space with décor items is the final step into making it feel like its another part of your indoor space. Using trays and charcuterie boards on the tables with a few plates and/or bowls finishes off your outdoor living.

Studio McGee does a fantastic job bringing in some interior décor items to the outside.

Remember, your outdoor space is just an extension from your indoor living. Have fun relaxing in your outdoor living spaces but most importantly, make sure you have a cold margarita waiting for you (may need to hire a butler)

Until next time lovelies

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