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Hello 2021 Trends

Well 2020 was definitely a year no one was expecting. There were some crazy times in 2020 and there were definitely some amazing things that came out of it! In this post I'm going to discuss some of the trends that we saw in 2020 and get into detail about some of the trends we will be seeing in 2021 and ones that we have already been seeing the last 2 months (I know I know a few month late).


Let's start off by talking about "trends" in general. Trends are not my favourite because they are always changing year to year…(bell bottom jeans…common now). I always like to keep trends in mind when designing so I know what trends have kind of stuck it out and which ones have faded. When reading over 2020's design trends, see what you think will be around for quite sometime!

2020 Design Trends

  • Open shelving in Kitchens

  • Muted Colour Palette

  • Natural Materials

  • Colour Pops Throughout the home

  • Gold hardware/fixtures


Now we can get into the 2021 trends!

Multi-Functional Spaces

2020 and even the beginning of 2021 has made people really re-think how they use their spaces and having a more multi-use plan of attack. Having more storage options throughout the house and utilizing small work stations around the home. Hanging storage, murphy beds, and larger storage units is the way 2021 will be heading.

As you can see in this picture above, designed beautifully by design loves detail, this space functions as a dining room but also as a beautiful built in hutch with ample amount of storage/styling options.


Every room has 4 walls, a floor and a ceiling and after a while it can become extremely boring. Adding some abstract to the walls, even the ceiling, is a trend that will take over 2021. This can be seen in artwork over fire places or even some millwork treatments to add a little something something to the space.

Studio McGee Shows us how some wall treatment and even ceiling treatments can transform your space! Something as simple as white shiplap can take your room from good to fantastic!

Home Office

Along with the multi-functional space, having a designated home office has been the talk for a good chunk of 2020. We are noticing that even in 2021 people are wanting a designated area for themselves and the rest of the family! Having a clean work area and a spot for everything is the way to go! Having furniture that is very "light" feeling and not bulky will allow the room to feel more open. Adding a chair in the corner as a reading nook and a rug will make the space feel less like a work area but more of a relaxed room with a desk. Also, make sure there is a focal point in the office as well, whether that is a wall or some artwork, it will allow the eye to focus on one thing instead of wondering.

This amazing office design, taken from The Charming Detroiter's Blog, shows everything that should be in a well functioning home office! From having that focal point, a designated area for everything and warming it up with a beautiful Hyde!

Walls on the Wild Side

This really does tie into the Abstract Wall idea... but with a spin! Paint is always the most popular wall treatment, whether it is a neutral colour or adding that pop of colour, its definitely the top wall treatment! However, in this coming year, we are seeing a lot more fun wall treatments! Wallpaper is making a comeback (I promise it is nothing like what's in your grandparents place). Large patterns and even textures wallpaper is huge! Living walls in commercial settings is allowing people to really bring the outside in and makes a statement. Actually, a few home owners are bringing in smaller scaled living walls into their home!

This beautiful blue & gold geometric wallpaper from HGTV makes such a statement and accent wall in this dining room. The large pattern allows the space to feel much larger and really stand out!


Like in 2020, neutrals are going to be sticking around for quite a while. Black, White & Gray's are the statements in every area of the home. From white kitchen cabinets to black countertops and into the living spaces, it is all over! One neutral we are seeing more and more is Greige (gray & beige); it is the perfect mix of the coolness of gray but having that warmer undertone.

Greige Design knocked it out of the park with this stunning bedroom design. It has the perfect blend of warmth with also being cool at the same time (greige done right). What do you think?

Benjamin Moore's Colour of the Year

Benjamin Moore has announced that their colour of the year for 2021 is Aegean Teal, which is a beautiful ocean-like Blue. BM States that "a blend of blue and green, with subtle hints of gray, Aegean Teal is a mid-tone that offers endless possibilities". The colour was chosen long before the 2020 pandemic happened but it will definitely bring some light and freshness to 2021.

Aegean Teal seen here as an island colour! The stunning blue-green colour is the perfect farmhouse look but can also be done in a more beach house setting as well. It is extremely versatile and is going to be a hit in 2021; well done Benjamin Moore!

Bye Bye Formal Dining

This is a trend that has slowly started making it's way through the years but 2021 is the year I think it will take over! Having an open concept kitchen/dining/living is the way families are starting to live. Being able to cook & watch the little ones is a huge comment I'm getting from clients. Something that I have noticed, sitting down as a family for dinner is not something people do! It's crazy to think because to this day, dinner is the time of day where me and my family sit down and discuss how our day was, what happened and connect! Not having that formal dining room allows for the busy family to still be a family but function how they would like. I'm not saying that the dining table is obsolete (it's still around I promise) but it is definitely more of a modern feel; no more 4 walls with French Doors, bring in the open concept!

LBI Tip, think about how often you use your dining table…maybe once or twice a year for Christmas & Thanksgiving? Think about how often you use the "formal dining" space and figure out how it can better function you and your everyday life!

Clark and Co Homes has done a great job showing the in-formal dining space. It is a very open concept design, allowing the dining and kitchen be one space! There is still a large table which is fantastic for entertaining but still works with your everyday life!

I hope you lovely people will love the 2021 trends and be able to have a bit of guidance by this post! Stay tuned in future posts as I break down each trend into more detail!

Until next time lovelies ♡


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